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Are You Patronizing a Blacklisted Online Casino or Are You About To?

There are just as many great online casinos where players have an exciting and, hopefully, profitable time as there are bad ones where players are left frustrated and filled with regrets. As a trusted casino review site with particular emphasis on the India market, takes it upon ourselves to scour the Internet, and basically reach out to anyone in the know, to keep you abreast of which sites to patronize and which to avoid.


What awaits you at bad online casinos?

Bad online casinos are fraught with risks, difficulties and danger. The possibilities are simply endless as to what a player will encounter at these sites. Shortlisted here are some scenarios that will hopefully serve as an eye-opener to all players out there:

  • Fraudulent online casinos may ditch users and deactivate their accounts when they see that these users are winning

  • The site will likely have an insider player (who already knows all the cards) playing on the user’s table. Knowing what they know, the insider will take users’ money once the users place their bets

  • The site’s admin has the power to stop users from playing when they see that luck is on the users’ side

  • When players have won and eagerly anticipate receiving their winnings within the stipulated payment time frame, they may be contacted by the site to say that their IDs have been banned or their password/secret answer has been changed

  • The site’s customer service may discontinue all communications with a player once a big payment is due

  • Unlike popular and ethical online casinos where it’s always bustling with activity, questionable sites very often have very few users. Players will have to wait long minutes before a game can start, and even that, their chances of winning are slim

  • Unlike good ones, bad online gaming sites don’t have a comprehensive FAQ section detailing all their terms and conditions so users know exactly what they’re in for

  • Fraudulent gaming sites tend not to be user-friendly, are not well-designed, and don’t load as fast as good ones

  • Deceptive online gaming sites may con their users with hidden terms and conditions. Here’s an example. The site may lure users with a big welcome bonus. Users will naturally fall for it and start playing. Later, they will come to know that in order to get that welcome bonus, they have to first put a certain amount of deposit (usually higher than the welcome bonus itself!)

  • It comes as no surprise that games will likely be rigged to the site’s advantage if it’s a deceptive online gaming site

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​Our recommended Indian online gaming sites

Here are some tried and tested sites that players can look forward to playing a good, fair game.

As a final word, advises all our visitors to check this page regularly as we will update this information as and when necessary.

Rigorous 25-step Review Process

Our research is data-driven and follows a detailed 25-step review process. It’s free from third party influence and we rely on both user testing and feedback to offer you the most relevant information.

The Seal and Certificate

We only put our seal of approval on certified casino sites that have been tested and approved by our experts so you know it’s a safe place to play. Our top experts share your passion and always put your needs first.

Guide to Your Top Local Casinos

We guide you to the best local casinos in India so you can play safe and secure even when you’re offline. To know more about our recommended 26+ casinos, please visit our blog.

RoyalToken’s list of blacklisted sites

  • Pokabunga

  • Leisureplay

  • Grand Prive

  • Planet 7 Casino

  • Cool Cat Casino

List Of Online Casinos That Are Blacklisted In India

  • 2.3 / 5
  • Unclear wagering requirements
  • Poor casino practices 

Grand Prive

  • 1.2 / 5 
  • Unclear wagering requirements
  • Poor casino practices 

Planet 7 Casino

  • 2 / 5 
  • Unclear wagering requirements
  • Poor casino practices 

Cool Cat Casino

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