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Jhandi Munda (Crown and Anchor)

Jhandi Munda, a game purely of chance, was originally a street game from India that people of all ages played to pass the time. This widely popular dice betting game was derived from the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, where it uses six 6-sided dice with various symbols on the dice. Due to the rise in popularity of this game, it has been taken by storm in the online casino community.

Jhandi Munda is a popular street game that originated from Arunachal Pradesh state in India. The game involves six identical dice where each dice has a different symbol printed on each face. The symbols are heart, spade, face, diamond, club, and flag.

The game is fairly easy to play. As a game of chance, players simply have to guess which symbol will appear the greatest number of times face-up in a single throw of the six dice.

It is also because Jhandi Munda is a game of chance, rather than one that requires skills like rummy and poker, that most states in India have banned the game (whether played in the streets or online). Jhandi Munda can only be played legally online in 13 states in India.

Due to its popularity, Jhandi Munda is now an online game. In the online world, however, it is known as Crown and Anchor. So, gamers who are keen to play this game online should look for Crown and Anchor, rather than Jhandi Munda.

There are many advantages to playing Jhandi Munda online than in the streets. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. When playing Jhandi Munda online, players can start by playing for free. Once they’re more familiar with the game and feel more confident with their ability, then only should they play with real money. For starters, players can choose to make small bets.

  2. There are many tables to choose from when playing Jhandi Munda online. If players feel that the odds are not stacked in their favour on a particular table, then they can move on to another table. This, of course, is not possible when they play in the street.

  3. Online Jhandi Munda players can play the game in the comforts of their own home or anywhere they want as the game is available on mobile platform.

  4. As online casinos are governed by laws, players can rest assured that they won’t be cheated of their deposits and withdrawals.

  5. Because of the laws governing these websites, even players’ personal information is safely guarded on online gaming platforms.

  6. In the online game, players can also choose the variation they feel more comfortable with.

  7. The online game also tells players beforehand what the hot and cold numbers are.

  8. The pay-outs are clearly defined when gamers play Jhandi Munda online. For instance, if a player bets on spades, and if spades appear three times in a throw of the six dice, then the player gets three times the bet money along with the initial bet that he placed.

  9. Jhandi Munda’s potential return to player (RTP) when played online is a high 97.14%, which is even higher than top-rated slot games. The house edge for Jhandi Munda is 2.86%.

Strategise using Hot and Cold Symbols

When gamers play Jhandi Munda online, they can see a list of the hot and cold symbols based on the previous 10, 50, or 100 rolls. Hot symbols are the ones that have been appearing more often, while cold symbols are the ones that have not. Players who can play these hot and cold symbols right have a potential of winning handsomely when they play Jhandi Munda online.

Variations of the Game

Most popular card games have multiple variations. So does Jhandi Munda. Out of its many variations, two variations are the most common.

The first variation is very much like Sic Bo where players simply bet on the symbol that they feel will come face-up the greatest number of times.

The second variation offers a fixed return of 3.4 times of the bet regardless of how often the selected symbol appears face-up. From a mathematical standpoint though, the final pay-out is the same as the game’s progressive version, that is, 3 times the bet for 3 symbols, and 4 times the bet for 4 symbols. The expected value of a dice’s roll with numbers ranging between 1 and 6 is (1+2+3+4+5+6) / 6 = 3.5.


On average, players will receive 3.4 times the bet amount for every Rupee they wager. While playing this 6-diced game, they will get a return of 3.4 times upon receiving one or more of the face-up chosen symbols.  

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