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Lottoland India Review

On Lottoland, players can wager on the outcomes of worldwide official lottery draws. Lottoland has an insurance model that ensures that all winners will be compensated. The Gibraltar-based privately owned business was founded in March 2013. Five million people use Lottoland right now! Let's take a closer look.

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Play International Jackpots and Lottery Online

With a modest outlay of just a few hundred rupees, playing online lottery in India enables punters to win cash as much as six digits and upwards.


Lottoland India offers many different international lotteries, such as PowerBall, MegaMillions, 6/40GO!, Mini Lotto, and Bitcoin Lotto. All are selected according to their popularity.


Competing against international punters on a legitimate platform that is safe and trusted, Indians have been trying their luck to seize the daily and weekly jackpots and lottery.


Depending on the game they’re playing, Indian punters simply pick 5 to 8 random numbers, and have been laughing all the way to the bank with winnings in lakhs and crores. Some use their personal lucky numbers while others simply use the quick pick system. And then there are some who adopt the strategies of past winners, and others who create their own winning strategies.


To play on Lottoland India, punters simply have to register at, select a credit package, choose a game to play, pick their lucky numbers, and sit back and wait for the draw and results. What’s best is, by matching just 2 or 3 numbers, punters have some winnings to put in their wallets.

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