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Chetak Play India Lottery Review

Each lottery brand is unique. Top10bestonline lotto uses various review aspects to create a benchmark to compare options. We rate the Chetak lottery in India using the following criteria:

  • SECURITY – The Chetak India lottery game uses a high encryption level to protect user data. The gambling regulator has licensed the Chetak lottery online in India

  • PRODUCTS – We look at game modes and lotteries offered, including side games like scratchcards, instant win, and Keno

  • FEATURES – We evaluate the overall user experience and site functionality, including supported currencies and languages

  • PLATFORMS – We check how well the Chetak play India lottery works on various screen sizes, including mobile, desktop, and tablet, and whether they have an app to download

  • PROMOTIONS – What promotions can you expect when you play the India lottery Chetak, including bonuses like free tickets with your purchase or deposit bonuses? They should also have a loyalty program

  • SUPPORT – Customer support is essential to play the Chetak lottery online in India. We determine how easy it is to reach customer support at various times and days 

Lotteries and Software

Chetak Play India Lottery features more than 10 local lottery games. However, they are missing some player favourites like Keno, Saturday Super Lotto, Thursday Super Lotto, Thunderball, Punjab Lottery, EuroMillions, Playwin Lottery, Jaldi 5, Jaldi 5 Double, Powerball, Mega Millions, and UK Lotto.

Chetak Play India Lottery has expanded over the past few years, adding EuroMillions, Powerball, and Mega Millions to attract millions of participants. Players can always find a game to play from their vast array of options.

Platform Support

We found the desktop version to be the best option, but it still has significant problems. The tablet version offers the same view in a narrow format and works well. It’s easy to click the buttons with the screen width. Mobile, however, doesn’t offer a good experience. The ticket form is too small, making it challenging to read words and numbers, and the buttons are too small for even small hands.

The Chetak lottery online in India does not have an app version. It isn’t mentioned on their website or any major app store. A Google search produced no results. It may be a leading website, but the user experience is unacceptable.

Bonuses and Promotions

You won’t find any promotions with this Chetak lottery in India. However, Indian players can access better lottery services than foreigners. Players in other locations may be unable to play.


You can easily play the India lottery Chetak worldwide, mainly if you are based in or live in India. The draws occur in India, making EuroMillions and Mega Millions more engaging for foreign players. In addition, foreign players aren’t subject to Indian gambling laws, making the games easier to enjoy.

It’s straightforward to register for an account and click on their banners. Simply select the lottery you want, and you’ll be redirected to a page where you can choose numbers. Use the number selection grid or click the Quick Pick button for randomly generated numbers. Confirm your purchase and enter your personal details to activate your purchase. You can find your numbers in the “Account” section.

You will be notified by text or email if you win a prize. You can also view the results on the lottery pages shortly after each draw occurs. The Chetak lottery in India deposits winnings into your account. You can withdraw them or use them to buy more tickets.

Customer Support

This website isn’t the best if you want to play the Chetak lottery online in India.

The website doesn’t have an FAQ page when you have questions. Many people use these pages to get help with a website that isn’t user-friendly. You will find a How to Play page that doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate to indicate security. It contains a short list of gameplay guidelines but doesn’t have information on registering, paying for tickets or games, or withdrawing your winnings.

Contacting customer service isn’t straightforward. They have a phone number listed at the top of the page, but I couldn’t connect. They don’t have a Contact Us page or form and don’t list an email address.

You also won’t find a Live Chat feature. Many participants rely on Live Chat to get personal assistance, but they won’t get it here.

Chetak play India lottery fails in their customer service department.

Is Chetak Play India Lottery Legit?

Despite the problems, there’s no reason to doubt the authenticity of the Chetak lottery online in India. They have many participants but don’t seem to protect their users. The website doesn’t have a secure connection between browsers and servers, even on pages they use to gather your personal information.

The website still uses Flash, an outdated technology with no ongoing support, and Flash is known for severe security issues. Many modern browsers don’t support it, and you should decline permissions for Flash.

I don’t recommend using the Chetak lottery online in India. On a scale of 0 to 5, it has earned a 2.

You’ll find better options, some of which I have listed below, to play lottery games online.


Chetak Play India Lottery may have advantages, but the pitfalls far outweigh the pros, especially for foreigners. They don’t have a good website or offer an app. They do have a unique game selection you can’t find elsewhere.

Alternatives to Chetak Play India Lottery

I recommend using Lott Kings, Lotto Smile, or Lotto Agent instead. These brands are designed for Indian players and offer better payment methods and language support.

Chetak Lottery Online Game in India



Thousands of Indians are interested in Play India Lottery, प्ले इंडिया लॉटरी, and of course, for that reason, I decided to make a review.

I will deep dive into what this Indian online lottery can offer it’s players, if it is safe to play and if it’s legal.

Not much is known who is behind Play Lottery India but I went full Rajani Pandit detective mode and managed to find out a little which I will present throughout this review.

Play India Lottery vs. Play Lottery India

When it comes to the background of the page or who is behind it, I could only find out that the domain playindialottery.com had been registered in 2009. They have a duplicate site called playlotteryindia.com which is exactly the same.

There is an about us page but sadly it does not work. Very mysterious indeed, which is not a good thing when it comes to online lottery sites!

The only good news I have in this intro is that the site is available in both Hindi and English.

There is also a domain called playindialottery.in which claims to be owned by the same company. There is very little information available on that site as well which makes it impossible to confirm.


Play Lottery India is not safe to play at. The company behind the site is unknown, which is the first bad omen.

If the site steals your money you have no way of getting it back because even if you go to the police you have no idea where the people behind the site are located.

Secondly, the lotto site is unprotected. What I mean by that is that it has no SSL encryption or any other protection from outside threats such as hackers.

Your personal information can be stolen and sold, your payment data can be taken and used and finally, the website can be hacked and shut down with your money still on it.

Furthermore, it does not have a gambling license meaning that it is not regulated and can treat you however they want without consequences.

The last reason why I say it is not safe is for the simple fact that it is illegal. Private lottery games based in India are prohibited by law and only state government lottos are allowed. This means any winnings you may or may not be able to withdraw can be confiscated at any time by the government and you could also get a big fine and jail time.

You can find lots of reviews of secure and legal online lottery here instead.


There is no Play India Lottery welcome bonus. There are no bonuses or promotions at all for the matter of fact.

Although welcome bonuses are uncommon for lottery sites it is more uncommon to have no promotions at all.

Do not expect any sweet deals from Play Lottery India.


The only way to pay or withdraw money at PlayLotteryIndia is by contacting the staff by their help hotline.

I can’t even start to describe how bad this is since you don’t have an overview of how much you have deposited.

Now you must be wondering how to withdraw money from PlayIndiaLottery. Again, you have to contact the staff by phone to be able to start a withdrawal.

This is a big problem in my book. Any respectable site would allow you to control both your deposits and withdrawals on your own and only supervise when you actually need help.

The only good thing I can say is that there is no PlayIndiaLottery minimum deposit or withdrawal amount.

Sadly there is also no way to tell if the staff at the lotto site will respect your deposit or withdrawals and your money might get stolen.



At Play Indian Lottery & Play Lottery India there are several lotto options available ander, bahar, jodi and straight cross. All can be played from 9 pm to 9 am. You can find the result of each lottery game every 15 minutes.

Ander Bahar bets cost Rs 11 and win amount is Rs 100. Jodi ticket bet costs Rs. 1.1 and Rs 100 is the win amount. Straight cross ticket rate is Rs. 10 and win rate is Rs. 900.

There is a total of 6 series in the ander, baher, jodie and straight cross games which are sangam savera, chetak savera, super savera, mp deluxe savara, bhagya rekha savera and finally diamond.

At playindialottery.in you can find three lottery games, star A, star B, star C.

I don’t like these games at all for several reasons. The software that handles the games is outdated and it doesn’t give you a clear picture of what is going on.

The way the draw works makes me feel like it is a scam. There is no way to know if it is fair.

That is the overall problem with this site. There is no written information available and even though you can call them and get information there is no way of saying if it is true or not since it’s not backed up by anything official.


Another disappointment about the site is that there is no VIP program. Most online lottery sites have one and it is a great way to feel that the amount of money and time you spend is appreciated.

Without a Play India Lottery loyalty program, you will never get awarded for the money you spend.

There are better options available with great loyalty clubs such as LottoSmile and Lottoland!


The mobile versions of Play Lottery India work just like the desktop versions. This means it is quite clumsy to use on your cellphone.

But since it can be reached through a mobile browser it does not matter which device you use. It will work on Android, iPhone, iPad or any other mobile brand for that matter.

There is no PlayIndiaLottery app available which is sad. It might have helped the company allow players to enjoy the games easier on their phones.

If you want to play on lotteries on your phone easily I would recommend TheLotter or LottoAgent whom both have great apps!



PlayIndiaLottery does have customer support through several hotlines. They can all be found on the two different websites.

There is no information on their availability nor what they can help you with.

Unlike most online lottery sites that try to give you as much information as possible, there is nearly none available at PlayLotteryIndia and definitely not a FAQ.

There is a facebook page available but it is impossible to know who controls the page. It could be the company behind the lottery or a scammer that will trick you.

The customer support does speak Hindi though.

Responsible gambling

As you might imagine by now there is absolutely nothing available on responsible gaming on neither website.

I believe that responsible gambling is an important part of online gaming so this is another major flaw on PlayIndiaLottery. This is the continuing problem throughout the sites, there is barely any information at all available.

Instead, I recommend you to take a look at my article on responsible gambling in India so you can protect yourself from any dangerous behaviour.


Usually, when it comes to online lottery sites I only review sites that I recommend but since I have seen and heard lots of people interested in PlayLotteryIndia I decided to make a review anyway.

By now you have probably noticed it isn’t the best place to spend your money but let me summarize finally why you should NOT play at PlayIndiaLottery.

  1. It is illegal.

  2. It is not safe.

  3. Not clear if they cheat the results.

  4. No track record of previous winners.

  5. All your data and money can be stolen by hackers.

If you still want to play lotteries online there are tons of legal options. I have personally featured more than 50 of the most popular online lotteries in India that are safe, legal and will pay you the money you win.

Check them out and see if there is any site you like. You can also take a look at my different lottery game guides to see if there any specific games you want to try out.

Be smart and choose a site you can trust!