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Play Online Teen Patti Games at the Best Indian Online Casinos Now and WIN BIG!

Teen Patti is an all-time classic Indian card game, and thanks to modern technology, it’s going global. Teen Patti is simple, fast-paced, and fun. Anyone can learn how to play in just a few minutes, and this page is your complete guide to the game - with rules, history, tips and strategy, places to play, and more.

Play Teen Patti Online In India
Play Online Teen Patti India

How to play Teen Patti online in 5 steps

Pick a casino

Don’t sign up with the first casino you find offering Teen Patti. Take your time, research, compare what’s on offer at different sites, and find the perfect casino for how you intend to play.

Download app

Teen Patti is fast and straightforward, making it perfect for mobile betting. Downloading your favourite casino’s app is the most convenient way to play.


Make a deposit

To play real money Teen Patti, you’ll need to deposit some cash. Make sure in advance your preferred payment method is available. If you have any doubts about depositing, just contact customer support.

Select a teen patti game

Many casinos have multiple versions of Teen Patti; getting to know them all is part of the fun. Try out different games and get a feel for your favorite.

Place your bet

Choosing how much to bet and knowing when to throw away your cards is an essential skill of Teen Patti. The more you play, the more experience you’ll gain with betting.

Teen Patti rules

Teen Patti shares commonalities with poker. It’s a simple game played with three to seven players. Your goal is to get the best hand or be the last player in the round.

The game starts with each player placing an ante into the pot or boot. You will receive three cards face down and can choose to look at your cards or play blind. Play starts with the player on the dealer’s left and moves clockwise.

Each player decides, one at a time, whether to place an additional bet in the pot to stay in the game or fold and pay nothing. Your betting amount is set by the current stake, which equals the boot amount. Blind players can be one to two times the current stake. Players who look at their cards must bet two or four times the amount.

Play continues as long as necessary, unlike poker. Showdowns occur when two players are left. When two players are left, one can pay for the showdown. Each player shows their hand. The one with the best hand wins. If everyone else folds, the last player wins.

How to win at Teen Patti

Learning how to play Teen Patti online in India is easy, but understanding various strategies can be complex. The game contains many quirks you can exploit to increase your odds of winning. No one will know if you’re using these strategies. The following provides our top tips to win. 

Play for free first

There are lots of sites out there that let you play Teen Patti for free in demo mode. This option is perfect if you’re new to the game and want to get a feel for it. Taking time to learn the game before risking real money will benefit you in the long run.

Use bonuses to your advantage

Almost all online casinos offer bonuses for new players, which you can use to boost your bankroll and kick-start your Teen Patti experience. A deposit matching bonus is excellent if you intend to deposit a lot of money upfront. No-deposit bonuses are perfect for low-stakes players.

Play smart, not emotionally

It’s easy to get overexcited by high cards or feel discouraged if your cards are low. It’s better to play smart and stick to your game plan.

​Vary your strategies

You should never allow your game to become predictable. Don’t always bet with high cards or fold with low cards. Vary your strategies to make your gameplay unpredictable.

Teen Patti variations

The classic version isn’t the only way to play Teen Patti online in India. You’ll find many variations, some cultural based on the region rules and others with casino-created twists.

Variations play by the standard Teen Patti rules but contain a twist or two. Some individuals prefer a variation over the original. The following are among the most populars.


This variation treats 2-3-5 of the same suit as a pure sequence—your odds of achieving a pure sequence rise to 0.24 percent, equal to a trail. A trail holds the highest rank in classic Teen Patti, although it's more common mathematically than a pure sequence.


Muflis operates similarly to lowball poker. The hand rankings remain the same but in reverse order, meaning you get on the worst hand. During a showdown, you win if you have the worst hand. A-A-A is the worst hand in this variation, while the low-ranked hands are the most valuable.


AK47 implements jokers and wild cards to traditional Teen Patti. The A, K, 4, and 7 cards are considered wild. You can substitute them for any card or suit to complete your hand. All other rules remain the same.


After dealing the cards, the dealer will deal a final card face-up. The other three cards with that rank are now considered jokers or wild cards, allowing you to substitute them for any card. For instance, if the dealer deals a 4, the remaining 4 cards are wild.

Best of Four

The Best of Four variation deals four cards to each player instead of three. Players must create their best hand with three of their four cards. Rankings and combinations hold the same value as regular Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Apps

Teen Patti is fast, simple, and perfect to play on mobile. Many casinos that offer Teen Patti have their dedicated mobile apps available for download, and that makes Teen Patti apps all the more fun. The software is easy to use and works perfectly on a small screen. You can typically play on iPhones, Android, iPads, and tablets.

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Teen Patti History

Teen Patti isn’t a new casino craze; it’s a significant part of Indian culture. Kids often play together during their free time or at family gatherings during Diwali. It’s a social game, making it a popular choice in India for decades.

You can now play Teen Patti online in India as of 2010. It is available in online casinos and through Teen Patti apps. The online variation has attracted a new audience and allows players to play with family and friends from wherever they are.

Place your bet
Teen Patt Rules
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Teen patti sequences

Understanding the Teen Patti sequences, also known as hands, should be the first step for all new Teen Patti players. You can see the rankings of all the Teen Patti sequences below. They are arranged in descending order, from highest to lowest value.

Teen Patti Sequences
Teen Patti Online in India
Traditional Teen Patti Games
Teen Patti Rules
Teen Patti Game Guide
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