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Baccarat Game Fight!


Baccarat Game Fight!

Sarane Poker & Domino

Sarana Poker is an Indonesian online poker site. Overall, it is not particularly appealing, and has many limitations.

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  • Mobile version is available


  • The site is in Bahasa Indonesia, which makes it inaccessible to those who do not understand the language

  • The games they have are not openly displayed

  • Unappealing design where a pop-up window shows black wordings against a plain white background

  • Transactions are in rupiah


Sarana Poker’s cashback bonus is a bonus that is calculated from the total value of bets during play. The total bet will be calculated every week which will be calculated by the amount of cashback bonus a player gets.

0.3% - 0.5% Cashback Bonus

Here is an example of calculating the weekly cashback bonus for Player A:

Total bet during the week is Rp2,000,000

Total bet is multiplied by 0.3% (2,000,000 x 0.3% = 6,000)

Hence, the cashback bonus for Player A is 6,000. If Player A increases the total bet amount, then the cashback bonus is higher.

20% Referral Bonus

1st: 10% bonus will be automatically entered into the player’s user ID

2nd: 10% bonus will be shared manually per week

Here is an example of a Downline Referral:

Player B wins Rp.1,000,000

Winnings is multiplied by the 3% discount (Rp30,000)

Hence, the first bonus is 30,000 x 10% = 3,000

This first Referral Bonus of 10% of Rp.3,000 will be automatically entered into the player’s Account ID.


The second Referral Bonus of 10% will be given every Sunday.

The 20% Referral Bonus  requirement is that the total results of a player’s referrals per week must reach Rp.40,000. If it doesn’t reach this amount, then the player will only get the first 10% referral bonus.


Supporting banks

Sarana Poker provides Indonesian bank services: Bank BNI, Mandiri, Danamon, BCA, BRI, and Bank CIMB NIAGA. Deposits and withdrawals are valid 24 hours non-stop, unless the bank is disrupted or enters an offline schedule.


Mon - Fri: 20.00 WIB - 00.30 WIB | Sat: 00.00 AM - 05.00 AM | Sun: No offline


Sen - Fri: 23.00 WIB - 04.30 WIB | Sat - Sun: No offline


No offline schedule


Sen - Fri: 20.00 WIB - 00.30 WIB | Sat: 00.00 AM - 05.00 AM | | Sun: No offline


Has no offline schedule

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.