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Play Online Craps Games at the Best Indian Online Casinos Now and WIN BIG!

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How to Play Craps like a Pro

You enjoy craps. We also do. The crowds are about the only thing we don't like about it. We adore winning with friends and strangers, but we detest missing out on a hot streak because a table is too full. Additionally, we despise having to stand in line.

If you're like us, you'll love playing real money online Craps. It offers all the fervor of the live form, except for the groups. And if you've been avoiding the tables and are new to craps, you'll love playing it online. Keep reading to find out:

  • How can you play Craps with only one bet—it doesn't matter what else is on the table?

  • Which online Craps sites let you play for free? It's a great way to improve your strategy and learn how everything works.

  • Tips on which bets to avoid and smart strategies for winning more often

There is even more to celebrate. Continue to peruse for within scoop on the best way to take advantage of your next genuine cash online Craps insight - regardless of whether you're new to the game nevertheless getting acquainted with everything.

Getting to know Craps

The fact that real-money Craps is far less complicated than it appears is the first thing you need to know. Although Craps is a fairly straightforward casino game, the Craps table is not nearly as complicated as it appears. Before we get into how it all works, however, You see double when you look at a craps table. The table is set up so that people can play at the same time at both ends. Imagine a roulette table with everything duplicated. It already has a lot of people, but doubling it would make it too big.

How to Play Craps Online in 10 Seconds

  • Learn the lingo and table layout of craps.

  • Just before the come-out roll, place a wager.

  • Place your chips where they belong on the table.

  • Toss the dice.

  • Bets and ties that win will be paid; remember to know the chances

Let us break down the game for you now that things seem less overwhelming. An Internet Craps game has two phases: the Come Out Roll phase and the Point phase.

The very first stage of a real-money Craps game is called the Come Out Roll phase. The Craps table requires you to place a wager of either Pass or Don't Pass. There is a shooter in every Craps game, and during this phase, the shooter tries to roll either a 7 or an 11. Pass Line wagers win in the event that those numbers are rolled. Be that as it may, if a 2, 3, or 12 drops, the game is finished and another shooter dominates. However, if any other number occurs, that number becomes the game's point.

For Pass Line bets to win in the Point phase, the shooter must roll that number before rolling a 7. Bets placed on the Pass Line lose if they reach a 7 On the other hand, the Don't Pass Line wins bets.

You won't believe this, but these are pretty much the only rules you need to know in order to play Craps for real money. You are not required to wager on anything else if you are a novice. Ever. You will be fine as long as you understand this fundamental principle.

Obviously, there are a lot of different things you can bet on, as you can see from the online Craps table. See our Guidelines area for more data.

The Rules Breakdown

It's easy to play craps, but looking at the table with all the unfamiliar words can make life seem a little bit hazy. As a result, we've laid everything out for you to see. It's simple to follow the Craps rules and win a lot of money once you understand everything.

Craps: In addition to being the name of the game, this is also the name of the numbers 2, 3, and 12. Keep in mind that the game is over if any of those numbers are rolled during the Come Out Roll.

Passing Line: This is a wager that the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll or a point before an 11 during the Point phase.

How to Choose a Craps Casino

By selecting online casinos in accordance with stringent criteria, seasoned gamblers can increase their chances of winning at craps. How to do it:

Look for the Highest Payout Percentage

This indicates the proportion of your wager that will result in a casino's payout of winnings. Thus, if you wager $100 on a game with a 98% payout rate, you will receive $98. While the casino will make a profit of $2, you will not receive 98 percent of your wager. Over a longer time period and with a larger number of players, the payout percentage is calculated. Be on the lookout for a casino with a high payout percentage, as this is the easiest thing to remember. Typically, this can be found on the About page or in the header. The percentages at the craps casinos we recommend have some of the highest in the business.

download (1).jfif

Ranking No.1

UW88 India

Free play: Yes

Mobile option: Yes

Average payout: 98.3%

Min. deposit: ₹500

4 - OneWin - 1080 x 1080.png
download (1).jfif

Ranking No. 2

OneWin Casino 

Free play: Yes

Mobile option: Yes

Average payout: 98.3%

Min. deposit: N/A

download (1).jfif

Ranking No. 3

Royal Panda

Free play: Yes

Mobile option: Yes

Average payout: 98.3%

Min. deposit: N/A
Top Bonus:  ₹120,000

download (1).jfif

Ranking No. 4


Free play: Yes

Mobile option: Yes

Average payout: 98.3%

Min. deposit: ₹200

Top Bonus:  ₹200,000

Quick Craps Strategy Tips

If you're new to craps, stick with pass line bets.

They are the most popular kind of bet, so it's good to quickly learn about them. Additionally, you get a respectable house edge.

Steer clear of proposition bets

Dealers may often try to tempt you with these, but the high house edge gives you very slim chance of winning.

Try out the 3 Point Molly, a clever betting strategy

Protect your pass line bets and use three numbers to your advantage to ensure a better chance of a hit and a fair return on your investment.

Stay away from Big 6 or 8

Don't give the casino a house edge of nine percent! Instead, go with the 6 or 8, which offer the casino a much better 1.5% advantage.

How to Make the Most of Craps

One of the casino's most lively tables is craps. Both offline and online variants will provide you with hours of entertainment and, with luck, cash.

Play Your Way

Because you can play how you want, many people play craps online. The game, wagers, and bets are all under your control. An eccentric game never stops intriguing night the savviest, most experienced players. You can also play on your preferred device with your preferred music playing in the background thanks to digital technology. What more can you ask for? Did we mention that we can direct you to the best online craps casinos?

Etiquette Guide

Craps is a social game with some basic etiquette rules. These are most common in land-based casinos, but they might also apply to live dealer craps games played online.

  • Toss rather than roll the dice

  • Dice should be tossed in the middle of the table

  • Use just one hand to move the dice

  • Don’t take too long to place your bets

  • Don't put off placing your bets for too long

  • Keep an eye on the situation

  • Be polite to the dealers and players

  • Don't support the shooter; This is very impolite behavior

  • Avoid using the word ‘seven’, this is bad luck. You can use ‘big red’ instead

  • Tip the dealers

  • Have fun

Online vs. Offline

The real sounds of shouts, screams, and "oh my"s" and social interaction are the primary distinctions between online and offline craps. However, for some players, this is precisely what they want to stay away from.

Faster Playing - Playing online craps has a completely different feel. It will give you more control over small things like re betting, animations, and sounds than live games do. If you enjoy speed, you can select the turbo option, which skips the dice roll visualization and immediately reveals the results.

Lower Bets -  When you play online craps, you can place lower bets, often as low as $1; whereas the typical deposit at a land-based casino is between $5 and $10. Because the software meticulously records each bet, you don't have to worry about rounding bets or keeping track of exact units.

Atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation - If the environment and table that come with offline craps appear to be intimidating, online craps might be the perfect alternative. You can relax, look up bets as you go, and never worry about performing flawlessly at craps

No Waiting - New players at offline craps tables typically have to wait a long time. There are a number of craps tables at the best online casinos that are happy to welcome you at any time of day.

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